"I encourage you to consider Rob Reed for Ward 1 City Councilor.City Council appointed Rob 4 years ago to the Golden Urban Renewal Authority (GURA) Board. He has contributed considerable skills and expertise in evaluating and encouraging beneficial development in Golden.  His thoughtful decision making will be particularly valuable in guiding and shaping future urban renewal efforts and infrastructure enhancements. Rob will listen, analyze, and be a strong leader for Ward 1 and Golden, and I urge you to vote for him."

Marcia Claxton City of Golden - Ward 1 Councilor 

"I've worked with Rob on the GURA board for several years and witnessed his smart, fair, and thoughtful leadership style. Rob clearly cares deeply for Golden, and has shown that by dedicating an incredible amount of volunteer time and energy to understanding issues in depth, asking hard questions and looking for the answers that benefit the community now and into the future." 

Pamela Gould City of Golden - Ward 3 Councilor

"I highly recommend Rob Reed, and I very much encourage you to vote for him for Ward 1 City Councilor. I have known Rob for over 15 years in every possible capacity - as a friend, client of mine, and professional for my own clients. He has shown integrity, honesty, and a positive outlook. He has also been an active member of organizations here in Golden such as GURA. As a lifelong resident of our town, his heart is in the right place when it comes to representing the best interests of local residents."

Sandy Hopper - Owner, RE-Assurance Real Estate

"...over coffee, it seemed like he could bring a good mix of experience and thoughtfulness to the Council."

Jacob Smith - Former Golden Mayor

Smart Development    Sustainability    Transparency    Responsiveness    Preserving Golden's Character

Endorsed by the Golden Good Government League for Ward 1

The GGGL Board of Directors endorses Rob Reed for the Ward 1 City Council seat. Each Ward 1 candidate is thoughtful and would champion preservation of downtown character, but we feel that Rob Reed brings a greater depth of familiarity and experience with the issues Golden faces and with city government in general. Rob has an understanding of growth concerns based on long-term residence in Golden and direct involvement in downtown development issues. Rob believes that more density could lead to loss of community character and that neighborhoods should have a strong voice in density increase issues.

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