Smart Development

Golden is a beautiful place to live with a fantastic quality of life. I want to keep it that way. While change is inevitable, it is imperative we do not lose the feel of our town. We need to balance growth, density and development against the historical character and environment. We also need to search for solutions to affordable and attainable housing. Smart growth requires a commitment to engaging the community and ensuring zoning laws are in place to guide development and protect our neighborhoods. I believe our zoning code re-write is a good start toward the goal of smart development. I hope that a second term on City Council will provide the time to assure the new code is finalized and implemented in a way that protects the rights of property owners and their neighbors.


Golden has made significant strides in its sustainability efforts and continues to be a leader in this area. I am strongly committed to furthering these efforts and achieving the City's renewable energy and waste diversion goals. I also want to preserve our relationship with our environment by preserving our views, protecting and enhancing our green spaces.


Running a city requires a number of moving parts. Keeping citizens informed of all that is happening is an ongoing challenge. In talking with a number of Golden citizens, it is clear that we need to do more to keep citizens informed, particularly when new developments are proposed that impact the community around those developments. I am committed to working towards increasing the notifications beyond what is currently required and to providing citizens with a meaningful voice in the process. 

Rob Reed Golden, CO


I love the fact that our country is a representative democracy. I also love living in a small town where we have access to our representatives in a way that other communities don't. I believe that our elected leaders need to hear their constituents and represent the interest of the voters. I available to meet with my constituents, to exchange ideas and to represent the interests of my constituents in keeping Golden a place we are proud to call home.

Preserving Golden's Character

Everyone I talk to loves living in Golden. One of the things they love most about Golden is its small town charm. I believe a key to protecting our small town feel is to ensure we continue to create open spaces and park areas where people can gather and spend time with family, friends and neighbors. I also believe we need to continue our efforts towards making Golden a walkable city and ensuring we commit efforts to evaluating traffic flow, speeds and pedestrian safety.